Tribute 669

At a shade under six metres long, the Tribute 669 is compact enough for everyday use but sufficiently spacious for four people to travel and sleep in comfort. As one of Tribute's van conversion motorhomes, the Tribute 669 will fit on most standard driveways – saving on expensive storage fees – and is compact enough to use as a practical everyday vehicle for active families.

Tribute 670

The award-winning Tribute 670 is another of Tribute's compact but versatile converted van motorhomes, with the everyday practicality to function as a sole vehicle for active couples.

At just 5.99m long, the 670 slots easily into compact pitches and parking spaces, yet still packs in all the facilities of a larger vehicle – including a full shower, WC and practical kitchen. Daily driver or weekend getaway vehicle: the Tribute 670 fulfils both roles with style and flair.

Tribute 680

A new addition for 2018, and to the van conversion motorhomes collection, the Tribute 680 is a stretched version of the 670 which offers comfortable accommodation for two with the option of two singles or a double bed. Twinned with a lively but refined 115bhp 6-speed powertrain and car-like driving qualities, the 680 is an ideal base for short weekends or longer trips abroad.

Tribute 615

One of the most compact of the Tribute coachbuilt range, the 615 adopts the classic end kitchen layout for a space-efficient, light and airy open-plan living space.

The aerodynamic bodyshell combines perfectly with Fiat’s agile Ducato platform and with its large kitchen and spacious lounge, the 615 is the perfect option for sociable couples who enjoy entertaining on site.

Tribute 620

Built on the same compact 6.3 metre platform as the 615, in Hi-Line configuration, the Tribute 620 is a genuine multi-berth motorhome with four berths and four belted travelling seats.

Built on Fiat’s wide track chassis for extra stability, the 620 comes with the refined 130bhp MultiJet II engine. Like the rest of the Tribute coachbuilt range, standard equipment includes 6-speed gearbox, ABS brakes, remote control central locking, a panoramic rooflight, colour reversing camera, fitted microwave and removable carpets.

Tribute 625

The Tribute 625 is a firm favourite in the UK – a large end lounge layout complete with panoramic windows on three sides – within a compact 6.3 metre platform.

The aerodynamic bodyshell combines perfectly with Fiat’s agile Ducato platform and with its welcoming rear lounge, the 625 is an ideal option for sociable couples who enjoy company on their holidays. Fiat Comfort-Matic transmission option available on 130bhp, 147bhp and 177bhp engines.

Tribute 715

The Tribute 715 is an incredibly flexible multi-berth motorhome offering accommodation for up to six people.

Despite its longer chassis, the 715’s aerodynamic bodyshell combines well with Fiat’s refined 130bhp MultiJet II engine and with its spacious accommodation, the 715 makes a perfect touring base for active families.

Tribute 720

Designed with two distinct lounging areas, the spacious Tribute 720 gives children and parents their own dedicated zones.

Up front, behind the cab seats, there’s an ample lounge-diner with seating for up to five people with the swivel cab seats rotated. At the rear of the vehicle, there’s a second lounge – which makes a perfect little playroom.

Tribute 726

The all-new 726 is the second model in the expanding Tribute range to offer six berths and six belted travelling seats for greater flexibility.

Cube construction with steel bracing provides a stronger and stiffer connection between chassis and habitation compartment for a quieter interior on the road, while Grade 3 insulation throughout maintains a cosy and comfortable environment inside, when it’s cold outside.

The 726’s aerodynamic bodyshell is well matched with Fiat’s refined 130bhp multijet II engine, for an agile drive and smooth ride.

Tribute 736

Making its debut last year, the Tribute 736 provides two distinct living spaces for parents and children.

Built on Fiat’s 7.25 metre wider track chassis for extra stability, standard equipment includes 6-speed gearbox, ABS brakes, remote control central locking, a panoramic rooflight, colour reversing camera, fitted microwave and removable carpets.

The excellent value Driver’s Pack adds metallic paint, ESC traction control and hill descent assistance, cruise control, cab air conditioning and a passenger airbag

V-Line 540 SE

The award-winning V-Line 540 SE is the most compact motorhome in the Auto-Trail range – making it the ideal vehicle for those who appreciate the little luxuries in life.

At a shade over 5.4 metres long, the 540 will fit on most standard driveways – saving on expensive storage fees – and is compact enough to use as a practical everyday vehicle for active couples.

V-Line 610 SE

The V-Line 610 SE is a ‘stretched’ edition of the compact 540, with the extra space dedicated to an extended lounge diner and double bed.

With a brace of long lounge seats, the extended rear living area will seat six in comfort, and when it’s time to turn in for the night, this roomy sleeping compartment offers a choice of generous 6ft 3in twin beds or a generous double.

V-Line 635 SE

The V-Line 635 takes the most attractive features of its smaller stablemates and brings them together in a slightly longer compact vehicle. So the super-sized bed from the 610 SE sits behind the spacious lounge from the 605 SE – creating ample space for entertaining in two distinct habitation areas.

The 635 allows you to entertain friends for dinner before sinking back into a large double or two 6ft-plus single beds without re-arranging the front lounge.

V-Line 636 SE

The 636 SE combines a large rear lounge and a dinette with two additional forward-facing belted seats for additional passenger-carrying capacity. At the end of a day's activity, the rear seats quickly become a spacious and comfortable transverse double bed, leaving you refreshed for whatever tomorrow brings.

Imala 615

This supremely comfortable and cosy living space is built on the compact 3.5 metre chassis and is perfect for couples who want a refined, manoeuvrable, ‘go-anywhere’ motorhome for weekends and longer trips.

The opportunities to up-spec the 615 are ample: from a comprehensive suite of audio-visual equipment in the Media Pack to several engine upgrades and Comfort-Matic sequential transmission.

Imala 620

The Imala 620 shares the compact 3.5 metre chassis with the 615, but introduces a choice of layouts and berths to suit both couples and families.

In Lo-Line format, the 620 offers two berths and four travel seats to carry additional passengers in safety, while in Hi-Line guise, the overcab double bed transforms the 620 into a viable five-berth family vehicle.

Imala 625

The Imala 625 is the perfect space to kick back and relax after a long day on the road, or an exciting afternoon exploring the local surroundings. Sink into the sumptuous Iris upholstery while supper simmers on the gas hob, or take a refreshing shower in the spacious washroom behind the cab seats.

Imala 715

Built on the 4 metre Fiat Ducato chassis, the Imala 715 employs the extra length to incorporate a fixed ‘French bed’ and large front lounge for separate living and sleeping spaces without the need to climb a ladder to get into bed.

In Lo-Line format, it’s a generous couples’ van with the potential for extra guests to sleep over, and in Hi-Line configuration with the half dinette option, it’s a genuine four-berth with a comfy lounge/diner that will seat up to five.

Imala 720

Another firm favourite with families due to its flexible seating and accommodation, the Imala 720 combines a sizeable lounge-diner with seating for up to five people with the swivel cab seats rotated and there’s a second substantial lounge at the rear of the vehicle.

In Hi-Line configuration, the 720 will sleep up to six, with belted travel seats for four, making it a superb all-rounder for family adventures.

Imala 730

The Imala 730 takes a luxury layout usually associated with bigger, more expensive motorhomes and combines it with practical multi-berth options to create an affordable motorhome that really does offer the best of both worlds.

Ideal for grandparents who want to take the grandchildren with them on holiday and perfect for shared multi-generational ownership.

Imala 732

The 732 is the first of the award-winning Imala range to feature a transverse island bed, winning Practical Motorhome's Best Family Motorhome. This elegant and practical layout gives you more space and flexibility all at 3500kgs, so it not only looks fantastic, but it’s a great drive too, whatever licence you hold.

Built using Auto-Trail’s fully bonded construction technique, the Imala 732 is robust and reliable, offering you the luxurious experience that you’ve come to expect.

Imala 734

Providing luxurious fixed bed accommodation for couples along with doubling up as a generous family multi-berth is what the Imala 734 does best. In Lo-Line configuration it’s a dedicated couples’ vehicle with acres of living space and two generous fixed singles beds in the rear bedroom.

But in Hi-Line guise, with an extra overcab double bed and a half dinette option behind the cab seats, it’s a genuine four-berth with plenty of living space for the whole family.

An authentic all-rounder with the versatility to meet the needs of the current generation of motorhomers - and the next.

Tracker RS

Flexibility is key in the compact yet accommodating Tracker RS. The opposing lounge settees can be converted into comfortable twin singles, or into a super-spacious transverse double for a a restful night's sleep.

Tracker EKS

With room for as many as eight people to sit in comfort in its huge, uncluttered lounge, the Tracker EKS is the perfect layout for people who love making friends while travelling.

Bring the rotating cab seats into play, and guests can relax in the lounge while the chef prepares snacks or a more substantial meal in the generous end kitchen.

Specify the Hi-Line option with the overcab double, and after a late night, you can sink into a comfy bed without re-configuring the lounge or clearing the kitchen.

Tracker FB

Built on the 4-metre Fiat Ducato chassis, the Tracker FB uses its longer bodyshell to excellent effect by combining a fixed rear ‘French bed’ with a airy front lounge for separate living and sleeping spaces.

As a lo-line motorhome, it’s a roomy couples’ vehicle with the potential for extra guests to sleep over in the front lounge; while in hi-line configuration with the half dinette option, it’s a genuine four-berth, with a comfy lounge/diner that will seat up to five.

The corner washroom and shower alongside the fixed bed gives the FB an ‘ensuite’ feel while the L-shaped kitchen is located centrally, opposite the wardrobe, reinforcing the distinction between bedroom and lounge areas.

Tracker RB

The longest model in the Tracker range, the RB makes good use of its 7.6 metre body to accommodate a transverse fixed island bed with full access from both sides.

Inside this large motorhome, the centrally located washroom and kitchen separate the dedicated sleeping area from the front lounge, which will comfortably seat five yet can be converted into a second double bed for occasional guests.

Excellent as both as a Hi-Line and Lo-Line motorhome; specify the Hi-Line version with the half dinette option and a luxurious couples’ van is transformed into a family-friendly multi-berth with the provision of additional belted travel seats and an overcab double bed.

Tracker LB

The 7.6m Tracker LB is well-appointed and elegant. The ideal vehicle for sociable travellers who love to invite guests to share the fun, the large motorhome features an external BBQ point for quick and easy al-fresco dining, and a spacious interior for indoor entertaining when the weather is cooler.

Innovative touches, such as the new combined control system make running your motorhome a breeze, leaving you more time for the things you enjoy.

Apache 632

The Apache 632 marries a wider 4ft 6in fixed rear bed layout with a generous front lounge and a practical,spacious L-shaped kitchen with improved storage thanks to the introduction of a space-efficient slimline fridge freezer.

The ample front lounge will seat five and converts to a generous double bed to put up guests. The Hi-Line variant provides two further beds in the overcab and the half dinette option offers two more belted travelling seats. Ideal for couples planning a long distance European tour, the full-width storage under the transverse fixed bed is accessible from both sides and its space can be increased still further by specifying the high bed option.
Apache 634

With a desirable rear lounge layout, the Apache 634 is an estabilished favourite. Available in both Hi-Line and Lo-Line variants, couples and families alike will find this a roomy and attractive motrohome.

The cab seats can be fully rotated - ideal for taking a break on a long journey, or enjoying lunch on a weekend trip.

Apache 700

With double beds front and rear, a generous kitchen and distinct living areas for children and parents, the Apache 700 adds up to an adaptable family-friendly tourer with the potential to sleep and seat six in Hi-Line configuration.

Frontier Dakota

Built on a 4.5-metre Al-Ko wide-track chassis, the Frontier Dakota makes the most of its extended bodyshell by combining a fixed rear ‘French bed’ with a full-width end washroom behind the sleeping area to maximise privacy and pamper room.

Frontier Serrano

The new Frontier Serrano includes a wide 4ft 6in fixed rear bed with a sizeable front lounge on a 4.5 metre Al-Ko chassis. An uprated gross vehicle weight to 4500kgs creates a versatile long distance cruiser with huge carrying capacity.

Frontier Delaware

The coachbuilt Frontier Delaware takes an uncompromised luxury layout for couples and makes it even better. The separate washroom and walk-in shower compartment ahead of a generous island double bed give you more space to relax, de-stress and unwind.

Frontier Delaware S

The defining feature of the new Frontier Delaware ‘S’ is an almost entirely separate rear bedroom with a choice of 6ft 1in long twin fixed single beds or a ‘king-sized’ double.

The epitome of luxury, this high-end motorhome has all there is to offer when it comes to a home from home experience.

Frontier Scout

The strong point of this popular model of the Frontier range is a supremely versatile layout that fulfils multiple roles with the minimum of fuss. Popular with the more sociable motorhomer, the Scout appeals to those who frequently invite family and friends on their travels.

In Lo-Line configuration, with just two on board, it’s a luxurious cruiser for two with a potentially semi-permanent rear double or two generous single beds and separate living area.

But with the extended family in mind, the Scout will easily accommodate four and – in Hi-Line guise – up to six while offering a large rear lounge where everyone can gather to enjoy a sociable night in; making the Scout the ultimate in family motorhomes.

Frontier Comanche

Incorporating all the best features of its stablemates: large island bed, new walk-in shower, larger washroom and WC, a superbly equipped L-shaped kitchen and spacious front lounge seating up to seven, in spec terms the Comanche covers all bases.

Built on the market-leading Fiat Ducato platform, with an uprated 5000kg Al-Ko heavy duty chassis, the Comanche comes with the extra power and refinement of Fiat’s 2.3 litre 177bhp MultiJet II engine as standard.

Equally at home trackside at Le Mans or cruising along the boulevards of Le Touquet, the Comanche large motorhome is a truly uncompromising luxury leisure vehicle for extended tours at home or overseas.

Frontier Comanche S

The Comanche ‘S’ shares the same DNA with its twin-axle sibling: large front lounge with seating for up to seven, spacious L-shaped kitchen and larger washroom and separate WC spanning the central aisle of the coachbuilt motorhome.

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NEC Motorhome Show – 20th- 25th February 2018 – Stand 3040

Published on Monday 12th February 2018

Are you planning to visit the NEC Motorhome Show this coming February?

Come and explore Auto-Trail’s latest 2018 collection at stand 3040!

Don’t miss out on one of the biggest motorhome shows of the year, including a wide variety of motorhomes from Auto-Trail and plenty of fun activities for the whole family. This season Auto-Trail have introduced some new and exciting models into our collection, including the luxurious lightweight Imala 732, the sociable Tracker LB and the adventurous V-Line ‘Sports’ Pack.


Exclusively for this year’s February NEC, Auto-Trail are providing you with a never seen before ‘GT Pack’ show offer worth £1,699, including:

  • 4 Gloss grey and polished 15” alloy
Read Article

White Arches Motorhome Show – 16th February – 25th February

Published on Wednesday 7th February 2018

White Arches

Come down to White Arches Motorhomes for their HUGE 2018 Motorhome Show!

Do you enjoy long walks through the elegant surroundings of Harrogate, or exploring the quaint villages on Suffolk? An Auto-Trail motorhome provides you with a supremely comfortable and cosy vehicle while you get to enjoy your love of travelling.

Starting next Friday, White Arches Motorhomes will be displaying a large selection of new 2018 Auto-Trail motorhomes for you to view at your leisure.

Date: 16th February – 25th February 2018

Location: White Arches Motorhomes, A45 Higham Road, Little Irchester, Wellingborough, Northants, NN8 2DU

This is your perfect opportunity to view our latest collection, and with a

Read Article

Scottish Motorhome Show – 8th-11th February 2018

Published on Monday 29th January 2018

Scottish.jpgCome and visit Auto-Trail at the Scottish Motorhome Show on the 8th-11th February 2018!

Experience Auto-Trail’s new 2018 motorhome collection this February at one of the largest motorhome events of the year. Here you’ll be able to experience the latest luxury leisure vehicles by Auto-Trail as well as having a great day out for you and the family.

Tyne Valley Motorhomes – Stand 3015

Want to see Auto-Trail’s latest 2018 collection? Then come and visit Tyne Valley Motorhomes at stand 3015 and explore the Dakota, Tracker FB, Tracker LB and desirable Apache 634.

Perthshire Caravans – Stand 3001

Join Scotland’s leading supplier of Motorhomes at stand 3001 and view Auto-Trail’s adaptable

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Join Auto-Trail at The Manchester Motorhome Show 18th – 21st January 2018

Published on Tuesday 9th January 2018

Manchester logo.png

Join Auto-Trail in the New Year at The Manchester Motorhome Show this January!

This year our trusted dealers, Spinney Motorhomes and GoEuropean Motorhomes will be representing Auto-Trail at The Manchester Motorhome Show on the 18th-21st January 2018.

Don’t miss out on the first motorhome show of the 2018 season!

Show Dates: Thursday 18th - Sunday 21st January 2018
Show Venue: EventCity, Manchester

Why not start the New Year experiencing Auto-Trail’s latest models with Spinney at stand 3-33, 3-37. Spinney will have the following Auto-Trail models on display:

  • Tribute 670
  • Tribute 625
  • Imala 615

Explore the Auto-Trail range this January with Go European at stand 3-82. GMC will be

Read Article

Chelston Motorhome’s New Year Show 19th -28th January 2018

Published on Monday 18th December 2017


You are invited to Chelston Motorhome’s New Year 10-day event on the 19th -28th January 2018. Join Auto-Trail in the New Year to experience our 2018 models.

Location: Chelston Business Park, Wellington, Somerset TA21 9JE

Date: Friday 19th – Thursday 28th January 2018

Don’t miss out on 10 days of motorhome spectacular at Chelston Motorhomes!

With show deals on brand new 2018 motorhome ranges from Auto-Trail and complimentary teas, coffee, wine and a delicious hog roast to all customers, you’ll not want to miss out on this New Year event.

Haven’t had chance to view the new Auto-Trail 2018 models?

This is the perfect opportunity to experience our new 2018 models, including the Imala 732 and Tracker

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2018 Model Preview Event – 11th – 12th November 2017

Published on Monday 6th November 2017

Tyne Valley Motorhomes

Join Auto Trail at Tyne Valley Motorhomes’ open day this weekend!

Didn’t get chance to visit the NEC Motorhome Show this October? Don’t worry, this is the perfect opportunity for you as Tyne Valley Motorhomes will be showcasing the new 2018 Auto Trail models this weekend.

Date: 11th – 12th November 2017

Location: Byermoor, Burnopfield, Newcastle-upon-tyne, NE16 6NS

The weekend will be full of FREE winter food and drinks, demonstrations, accessory advice and members of the Tyne Valley Motorhomes team on hand to offer any advice you may require.

Don’t miss out on your chance to view the Imala 732 and Tracker LB!

Wondering which Auto Trail models will be on display?

  • Imala 732 – New for
Read Article

Dolphin Motorhomes 2018 Product Launch Event

Published on Monday 30th October 2017

If you didn't get chance to visit the NEC Motorhome Show this October then don't worry, join Dolphin Motorhomes for a weekend long event where they will be showcasing a large selection of 2018 motorhomes. They will be displaying 30 brand new models for you to view and test drive including the Auto-Trail V-Line, Imala, Apache, Frontier and Tracker ranges.

And that's not it, you will receive...

Dolphin Motorhomes

  • Free entry
  • Free parking
  • Special Finance offers
  • Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)
  • Free Food & Refreshments

How long is the launch show open for?

The event will be open on Friday 9am - 6pm, Saturday 9am - 5pm and Sunday 10am - 4pm.

Date: Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th November 2017

Read Article

The Motorhome Launch Show – 31st October – 5th November 2017

Published on Thursday 26th October 2017

Didn’t have chance to visit the NEC Motorhome Show earlier this month to view the new 2018 models? Then don’t worry, join Auto Trail on the red carpet at Chelston Motorhomes’ Launch Show starting on the 31st October 2017.

Chelston Motorhomes are hosting an event to celebrate the launch of the new 2018 models. The event will be showcasing the latest motorhome technology and innovation, allowing you to feast your eyes on some of the newest models, and giving you the chance to test drive your luxury future vehicle.

Imala 732

Date: 31st October – 5th November 2017
Venue: Chelston Motorhomes, Chelston Business Park, Wellington, Somerset, TA21 9JE
Admission cost: FREE
Camping available: Tuesday 31st October –

Read Article

NEC Motorhome and Caravan Show - 17th - 22nd October 2017

Published on Friday 13th October 2017

Auto Trail will be exhibiting at the NEC Motorhome and Caravan Show this coming Tuesday!

Stand: 7.20

Date: 17th - 22nd October 2017

We are all very excited to be showcasing our models, including the NEW 2018 models. We'd love for you to come and see us at stand 7.20, a host of our dealer network and Auto-Trail representatives will be on the stand to answer your questions and help you find the perfect vehicle for your adventures.

Models on display at the show:

    • Tribute 615
    • Tribute 620
    • Tribute 669
    • Tribute 670
    • Tribute 680
    • Tribute 720
    • Tribute 726
    • Tribute 736
    • V Line 540 SE
    • V Line 610 SE
    • V Line 635 Sport
    • V Line 636 SE
    • Apache 634
    • Apache
Read Article

View the new 2018 Auto Trail motorhomes this weekend at Don Amott

Published on Thursday 5th October 2017

Don Amott are hosting an event this weekend to celebrate the launch of the new 2018 Auto Trail models. The event starts tomorrow so make sure you head down to get a sneak peak of the new models in advance of the official launch at the NEC on the 17th-22nd October 2017. If you are planning to go to the NEC in Birmingham then we’d love for you to come and say hello, Auto Trail will be at stand 7-20.

Don’t miss your chance to look around the new 2018 Auto Trail models before the official launch!

For a FREE coffee or tea with cake for two while attending the Don Amott event, please print the voucher…


Want to look at a specific model?

Here’s a list of what will be on show this weekend:

  • Tracker
Read Article
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